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Nov. 10, 1930 - July 7, 2018

It is with great joy over the life that he lived and all that he gave us, and profound sadness in our hearts in mourning our loss, that we said goodbye to our Dad after he passed into Heaven for a glorious reunion with our Mom.

At his request, we will continue to keep his website alive, and continue sharing his wealth of knowledge.

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2006 Digital Wideband Small Antenna Systems

Body Worn


1950 Wideband Matching, WL Report 418  

1955 WL Report 665

1956-75 VLF Antenna Design Data

1982 Synthesis Double-Tuned Wideband Match

1982 Circuit Representation Radiation Disc Mono

1983 Goubau design of a disc-loaded monopole

1999 Harold A. Wheeler’s Legacy


2012 The World’s Biggest Little Antenna


Wheeler Antenna Design Legacy

2007 Small Antennas & Impedance Matching

2007 Small Ant. & Z Matching LISAT ppt

Small Antennas

2006 Validation of Wheeler's Formulas

Impedance Matching

1973 Wheeler Matching

2004 Fano Matching

2004 More on Fano Matching

2005 Rebuttal - Fano Matching

2007 Wheeler & Fano Impedance Matching

2009 Rebuttal Correct Impedance Matching

2012 Double-Tuned Impedance Matching

2012 Impedance Matching Equation

2013 LIAP Z Match Equation

GPS-Based Aircraft Landing Systems

2000 Ground Reference Antenna

2001 Ground Ref Antenna - Calibration

2003 Ground Ref Antenna - Cir Pol Effects

2004 Ground Ref Antenna - Siting

2008 BAE Systems ARL-1900 Antenna

2010 GPS Landing System Reference antenna

Array Antennas

1968 Series Feed Network

1971 Sum Aperture Efficiency

1973 Wideband Dual-Polarized Element

1979 Sharp Cutoff Patterns

1981 Optimum Difference Slope

Geometrical Diffraction

1966 Antenna Pattern & Impedance

1970 Complex Incident Fields

1987 Wedge Diffraction Humped Runways

1989 Complex Runway Centerlines

1998 Cellular Com Shadowing Wedge Dif

Microwave Landing System

1977 Multipath & Antenna Design Philosophy

1981 Sidelobe Requirements

Instrument Landing System

1994 Glideslope Antenna - Wet Snow Effects

1995 Suppressed Image Glideslope Antenna

Propagation and Multipath

1972 Airport Multipath

1999 Warrior to Warrior Communication

WIPL-D Software

2008 WIPL-D Validates Babinet’s Principle